Dali Kubik Free

Active speaker with bluetooth and a wide range of connections
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Active loudspeaker with elegant design and a wide range of connections.

Dali Kubik, Everything you dreamed of in a compact loudspeaker

The essence of the Dali Kubik is connectivity. This elegantly designed active speaker lets you enjoy music from a wide variety of sources, and can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, optical or analog inputs.

Because the Dali Kubik is not only different from the rest of the DALI range, it stands out compared to other active loudspeakers on the market for the fact that it managed to combine the amplification digital and wireless connectivity, with authentic hi-fi sound performance.

Construction Quality

The main housing is based on a single piece of extruded aluminium. This serves to reinforce the entire product, giving it a solid feel and ensuring that all components can be firmly mounted to the frame eliminating potential vibrations. The back plate also acts as a heat transfer for the amplifier and power supply. The top of the Dali Kubik is made from the same aluminum and reveals the solid construction of the Dali Kubik.


Choosing the right amplifier for the Dali Kubik's system was not an easy process. With many great options available it came down to choosing the best possible solution. The brand set out to fine-tune the amplifier, power supply and circuit board design to perfectly match the needs of the Dali Kubik system. The 100-watt Class D amplifier is a true active solution, offering a fully digital crossover, direct handling of digital sources, and a high-quality AD converter. The four-channel stereo amplifier (4 x 25 Watt) drives the audio signal to the woofer and tweeter module individually.

This is one of the main reasons behind the high quality performance of the Dali Kubik, as it makes it possible to control and optimize the audio stream perfectly for the drivers used in the Dali system. Kubik. Having that level of control allows acoustic engineers to transform every bit of information into precise motion in the drivers.

A Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) offers consistent output, a small footprint, and more. or compact, a low heat emission and a maximum power of 120 watts. By integrating the SMPS into the Dali Kubik, the power supply can be optimized for the amplifier and the signal path between the power supply and the amplifier is shortened to near zero dropout reactance.

The integration also eliminates the need for clumsy external power. At the same time, the SMPS is less dependent on a stable power supply compared to a traditional power supply, allowing the KUBIK FREE system to continue working at maximum efficiency, even in extreme conditions. ;Areas with fluctuating power supply.


A crucial part of the definition of DALI sound is in the sound. Related to the use of the soft dome tweeter module. Optimized and improved over many years, the soft dome tweeter is here to help. It is built around a powerful ferrite magnet and a very narrow magnetic gap. This type of magnet allows the Dali Kubik to handle more power and helps disperse the heat generated around the fast moving voice coil, reducing power compression. This in turn allows the tweeter to reproduce high frequencies more accurately, giving the Dali Kubik an impressively detailed sound.

The Dali Kubik tweeter is built on the basis of an ultra-light fabric. Compared to most soft dome tweeters on the market, the DALI dome material is less than half the weight. The positioning of the tweeter faceplate close to the dome has been optimized to create the optimal working conditions for the soft dome. The goal is to combine an extended frequency response with wide dispersion and low coloration, and improve the integration of both the tweeter and the bass/midrange driver.


When building a high-quality speaker system, high-quality components are an essential part. For this reason DALI only uses in-house designed drivers specifically developed for the loudspeaker, and to match DALI sound philosophies. Using a glass-reinforced polymer we have created a chassis lightweight yet extremely strong for the 5' woofer. The non-magnetic chassis increases the flux density in the magnet gap by 10%, adding more power and control to the magnetic motor system. The cone is connected to the chassis using a DALI surround. low loss.

This gives the cone an undamped motion and helps retain fine detail in the audio signal even at low volumes. The cone is made from a mixture of wood fiber and paper pulp to give it a rigid structure, light but well behaving. Driving the wood fiber cone is a strong magnet motor system based on a four layer voice coil.

The decision to use a four-layer coil is an important part of delivering the required sound pressure. Generating 17% more force than a two-layer system, and 27% less electrical Q, it gives a significant improvement in control of the entire moving part of the system. To keep the voice coil light, we used an aluminum clad copper wire for all four layers. Using traditional copper wire would make the voice coil heavy, more difficult to control and therefore a tougher drive for the amplifier. A heavy voice coil can also cause massive loss of detail in sound reproduction. The combination of all these low-loss technologies results in a serious improvement in bass control, reproduction of micro details and greater transparency


Bluetooth is a wireless standard with almost 20 years of use in mobile and portable devices. Adding the Bluetooth ver. 3.0 for the Dali Kubik system stays true to the goal of making an active speaker for everyone, and by offering the Apt-X protocol, even the most demanding of listeners will get the best possible audio transfer.

Opticla (TOSLink) & IR Learning

When connecting an external speaker to a flat screen TV, using the optical (TOSLink) connection is the best audio solution. The Dali Kubik has an easy-to-use built-in IR learning system that can be paired with almost any remote control to navigate all functions. Control volume, mute, power and source selection in three easy steps.


If you are using the Dali Kubik in a larger room or TV setting, the added bass can greatly enhance the audio experience. The Dali Kubik allows you to connect any powered subwoofer directly. The connection of a subwoofer is automatically detected and the Dali Kubik's audio settings change so that the amplifier automatically sets the crossover point so that anything below 80Hz is routed to the Sub.

Analogous Term

The Dali Kubik offers two means of analog input. One RCA (AUX) connector (located under the unit) and one 3.5mm stereo mini-jack connector (located on the side). The mini-jack input can be used to quickly connect a mobile audio source, such as an iPod or other MP3 player, to the Dali Kubik.


If you play audio from a PC or Mac, it is possible to use the Dali Kubik as an external speaker via the USB audio connector. Offering an easy, driver-free interface to the PC or Mac it's the perfect choice for your desktop audio system.

Construction Quality

The main casing is based on a piece of extruded aluminum. Aluminum is characterized by a rigidity of approximately 15 to 20 times the value of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) - the most widely used cabinet material for high-quality loudspeakers. Therefore aluminum gives us the opportunity to make the cabinet walls much thinner, than with traditional materials, and therefore gain volume in a compact cabinet design. This can be done without losing the rigid structure, and ensures that all components can be tightly fitted to the structure eliminating unwanted vibrations and resonances. As well as reinforcing the entire product, the aluminum also gives the cabinet a solid feel.

The top of the Dali Kubik is cast. It is crafted from the same aluminum and reveals the solid construction of the Dali Kubik. The back plate acts as a heat transfer for the amplifier and power supply. The use of aluminum makes it possible not only to create a compact cabinet that will be easy to fit into any room, but also give the Dali Kubik a simple yet iconic look.

Stereo Experience

The Kubik system consists of two elements; the KUBIK FREE and the KUBIK XTRA. These two components can be configured in three different ways. Using the KUBIK FREE software alone as a stand-alone system, using the KUBIK FREE software and KUBIK XTRA together in a stereo system or with the KUBIK FREE software and KUBIK XTRA together in a two-room stand-alone system.

Accessories included:

  • Power cable (1.5 m) Manual
  • Remote control
  • Joining cable(10 meters)

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  • Type of Active Speaker Box: Front
  • Frequency response: +/ 3 dB 48  22,000 Hz
  • SPL Maximum (dB): 103:
  • Cutting frequencies: 3,000 Hz
  • Principle of filter crossover digital IIR filter based on 2nd order DSP
  • High frequency transducer 1 x 25 mm  Soft dome textile
  • Mid/Bass Transducer 1 x 5.25''  Wooden Fiber Cone 
  • Type of enclosure Closed enclosure
  • Continuous output power IEC (RMS) 4 x 25 W
  • 3.5mm mini jack
  • RCA (Phono)
  • Optical (TOSLink)
  • USB (Micro)
  • BlueTooth APTX wireless inputs
  • Output connection: Out for Kubik Xtra, Out for subwoofer
  • Amplifier Type: Class D all digital
  • Loop type: open
  • Magnetic Shielding: No
  • Recommended location On wall, on shelf, on desktop
  • Recommended distance from wall: 0 to 30 cm
  • Functions: IR Learning, Power On/Off, Source Selection, Standby On/Off, Volume, Volume(gain)
  • Consumption in standby mode: <0.5 W
  • Maximum power consumption: 150 W
  • Dimensions: (height x width x depth) 305 mm x 145 mm x 145 mm (Includes front grill)
  • Weight (each box): 4.5 kg
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