Receptores AV

AV receivers

The AV receiver is the essential device of the home theater system. So much so that our sound specialists consider it the heart of home cinema because its objective is to receive and collect the audio and video inputs and outputs, freeing up the wiring to our TV or projection system, in order to feed all the channels of the speakers that make up our set, and decode signals from display or sound sources such as a Blu-Ray player or a 4K media player , among others.

On the other hand, the AV receiver is in charge of amplifying, processing and decoding the most current formats such as Dolby Atmos or Auro 3D, as well as video formats such as 8K or Dolby Vision.

With this, brands such as Denon , Yamaha , Marantz or Arcam are pioneers and leaders in the manufacture of AV receivers that include the latest technologies . Consult with our home theater specialists and benefit from the best advice from the experts at

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