Returns / Warranty

Returns and warranty management

I have a problem, how do I start?

Solving the problem with us is very simple.

In order for us to process the case most efficiently, you need to open a ticket from My Account > Customer Service. You can also do it through our e-mail

Once the ticket is opened, we will contact you in a usual period of 24-48 hours.

14 day return period

During the first 14 days since the consumer and user or a third party indicated by him, acquires material possession of the requested goods, there is a withdrawal or return period.

In order for the consumer to be able to exercise said right, he must take into account the following responsibilities:

  • The product must be delivered with all accessories and original packaging.
  • The product must be physically in the state in which it was delivered to the consumer, who has the responsibility to advise if it has physical defects upon receipt.
  • The buyer will bear the cost of the return.


    In order for us to process the return correctly, you must inform us of this in advance. Opening a ticket from My Account > Customer Service. You can also do it through our e-mail

    Once the ticket is opened, we will contact you in a usual period of 24-48 hours giving the necessary instructions.

    If these procedures are not followed, we cannot ensure the correct reception and storage of the product.

    Conditions for the return of the packs

    We believe that many of our products complement each other, and for this reason, we offer exclusive packs with a discount on the total price. However, this type of product has special return conditions.

    • If the return of one of the products that make up the pack is requested, the total discount is canceled and only the proportional part of the product to be returned will be reimbursed.

    Spanish legal guarantee in

    The guarantee of all products is 3 years (unless otherwise indicated), subject to the conditions of the European Commission and the Law of Guarantees of 2007. For more information on the Law of Guarantees click here.

    For consumable products or items that by their nature suffer wear and tear during use, the warranty period will be six (6) months (Pads, power adapters, USB cables, etc.). This period can be prolonged by virtue of the type of product, the state in which it is and the opinion of the technical service of Zococity SL in order to preserve the quality of the service. The batteries of the music players, sound cards and amplifiers have a guaranteed 3-year guarantee. When the lack of conformity manifests itself after 6 months in cases in which the information provided does not agree or raises doubts, Zococity SL could request an independent expert report to continue with the process.

    The client may process the guarantee of the products both with Zococity SL and with the manufacturer of said product (if possible and subject to their particular guarantee period), which will respond to the lack of conformity during the periods in which establishes said guarantee.

    The guarantee does not cover those defects caused by incorrect use of the product and/or handling of it other than what is necessary to establish its nature, characteristics or its operation. In these cases, the consumer must take charge of its repair. Therefore, the following are excluded from the guarantee:

    Defects and deterioration caused by external events and accidents.

    • Incorrect handling or storage.
    • Malware and/or virus problems.
    • Exposure to adverse weather.
    • The customer must make necessary backup copies of the data before sending the device to be repaired or replaced.


    The maximum period of storage of a product will be one month, after this period we reserve the right to destroy it if we have not obtained a response from the client in the communications.

    Warranty on products titled "Refurbished" (sometimes "Refurbished")

    These used products are only available online with home delivery.

    Sometimes we have items that come from returns, have small defects that can be corrected, a broken box, have been used by our team for analysis or tests, etc. These articles are thoroughly checked and sold at a lower price, guaranteeing their perfect operation.

    In the event that an item is listed as "Refurbished" or "Outlet" this will be indicated in the product title. The guarantee of all these articles is 1 year from the day that the consumer and user or a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, acquires material possession of the requested goods.

    Given the nature of these products and their volume, we cannot exactly detail the status of each specific item.

    • Return period of 14 days.
    • The perfect functioning of the device.
    -Not guaranteed:
    • The existence of all accessories, including those mentioned in the product sheet.
    • The perfect or excellent physical state of the product. However, its perfect functioning is guaranteed.

    But don't worry, if you have any questions about the product, you still have the same support as other users.