Altavoces exterior y empotrables

Outdoor and built-in speakers

At we have solutions for all needs and users. From outdoor speakers to in-ceiling and wall- mounted speakers , our extensive catalog includes the most valued brands in the sound sector and best-selling references.

The outdoor speakers are speakers prepared to withstand the demands of the outdoors such as splashes, humidity or dust, and adequate power figures to impregnate environments such as a terrace, a garden or a covered playground with sound, with the use of robust and advanced materials. At we have high-performance and first-rate speakers from Polk Audio , Sonos or Yamaha .

For their part, the recessed ceiling or wall speakers are intended to go unnoticed and blend in with the rest of the equipment, to reproduce audio with all the nuances offered by surround or passive column or monitor design speakers, but with the ability to blend in with architectural elements such as walls or ceilings. Manufacturers such as Dali , Polk Audio or Klipsch have a large number of built-in speakers in their catalogue.

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