In their day, the turntable they pioneered the evolution of hi-fi music listening. Although many take them for devices of yesteryear, turntables are actually living a second golden age thanks to the renaissance that has been brought about by the best manufacturers of music playback devices of the moment.

At present and despite the amount of resources that we can use to listen to music; Turntables have gone from being a vintage and almost obsolete device, to being on the lips of all those who seek to recover the vinyl of their favorite groups and artists.

Turntables have also experienced their particular revolution and have adapted to changing times. So much so, that many of the current models They integrate all kinds of connections to be able to get the most out of our home sound system and use them with active speakers or wireless speakers , as well as being part of a complete hifi system .

The best turntables are in Get advice from our sound specialists.

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