Altavoces monitor

Monitor speakers

Monitor speakers , also called shelf speakers, are more compact in design than floor or column speakers , in order to achieve greater and better use of space.

They are especially recommended for small rooms and for domestic use, they can be used for both hifi 2.0 or 2.1 configurations, while in home cinema systems they usually act as the main pair of front speakers. Monitor speakers are also used in professional music production or sound editing environments , for tasks such as sound recording, mixing, and mastering.

Although its enclosure is more contained in size, the internal configuration of the monitor speakers is usually two-way with a unit dedicated to the high frequencies -tweeter-, and another for the midrange and bass -woofer-. Sometimes they add other components such as bass reflex to further emphasize the bass, or the so-called mid-woofer or midrange cabinet, to give prominence to the midrange.

Thus, monitor-type speakers more than meet the expectations of those looking to design a true hifi system or upgrade their audio equipment. Our sound specialists advise you to choose those bookshelf speakers present in our catalogue.

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