Payment Methods

At Zococity we want to make online transactions as easy as possible and for this we accept numerous means of payment for the purchase of our products.

Account deposit

Depositing into an account is an immediate payment method, so it is the most recommended payment method if you want to receive the items quickly. If you choose this method, we will provide you with the account number with the order confirmation, and you will be able to make the deposit effectively. Do not forget to put the order number in the concept to expedite the shipping process.

Wire transfer

The bank transfer takes several days to reach our account. As soon as the transfer is received, the shipment will be made. We recommend you put the shipping number as the concept of the transfer to speed up the shipping process. Important: if, within 10 days of placing the order, the transfer has not been made effective, we will proceed to cancel the order automatically.

Credit/debit card

Payment by card is also immediate and your security is guaranteed thanks to the 3D Secure security system of our payment gateway. Once done and depending on the bank of your card, you will receive the signature request or an SMS with a security code to complete the transaction. To guarantee your security, does not receive or access the data related to your card.

Financing with Aplazame

Buy now and pay later. The payment method for financing with Aplazame is fast, safe and convenient. Choose it during the purchase process and decide in how many installments you want to make the payment. Start enjoying your order right away.