Speakers are the most classic way to listen to music; and although they have always stood out for being large and heavy devices, new technologies have helped to reduce sizes and modernize the sector , with a good assortment of active speakers to combine with home devices such as TV, turntables or the smartphone itself; or bluetooth speakers , more portable and compact in size.

For their part, passive loudspeakers and their entire classification continue to be in demand by all those looking for hi-fi equipment according to their needs and musical tastes, in order to obtain a unique and unrepeatable musical experience.

Currently, the use of mobile applications and voice assistants has forced the audio industry to reinvent itself and adapt to the new times with the creation of the so-called multiroom audio , in charge of creating an authentic piped music without leaving the house. .

Thus, the speakers are varied , diverse, and a great way to sample your favorite tunes. At we have the largest online catalog of top-level speakers. Discover them!

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