Dali Oberon On-Wall C

Pair of in-wall speakers. It is necessary to purchase the Dali Sound Hub Compact to use them.
€1.298,00 €1.298,00 per 
Pair of wall-mounted loudspeakers for domestic installations.

Dali Oberon On-Wall C, integrate your system

As the best value for money Hi-Fi integrated option, the OBERON C series and SOUND HUB COMPACT are perfectly configured for today's home installations, where Bluetooth devices and smart TVs are the main audio sources.

OBERON C and SOUND HUB COMPACT share simplicity of installation and operation, as well as genuine audiophile sound quality.

Music lovers and audiophiles no longer have to choose between incredible sound quality and equipment that is easy to install and use with their Bluetooth devices and smart TVs. The OBERON C series and SOUND HUB COMPACT offer both.

OBERON ON-WALL C is a discreet, slim, low-profile aesthetic speaker with rear reflex enclosure and a 5.25" SMC mid/bass driver with wood fiber cone, as well as the range's ultra-lightweight 29mm soft dome tweeter.

It is specifically designed to be hung on the wall using the installation holes on the rear panel and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

DALI's three OBERON C loudspeakers feature WiFi interface, digital signal processing (DSP) and Class D amplification in a module located on their rear panels. The two-channel amplification of each OBERON C provides 50W for each mid/bass driver and high-frequency drivers.

Crossover functions of the OBERON C electronics are implemented by the 24bit/96kHz resolution DSP.

The OBERON ON-WALL C has been designed to be integrated into any room, large or small, that includes a wall-mounted TV for which a loudspeaker on each side is desired.

In contrast to the OBERON 1 C and OBERON 7 C, the OBERON ON-WALL C has been created specifically to be part of a wall-mounted AV system, where it performs much better than a soundbar.

That said, it should be noted that in addition to the TV audio that is its priority, DALI ON-WALL C features DALI's quality and acoustic principles so it is great at playing all kinds of music from any source.

Exquisite construction

OBERON C housings are constructed from high-strength CNC-machined MDF boards that feature a wide variety of matte or wood-effect finishes. The housings are designed for optimum rigidity to minimize paper resonance, with corner fillets and, in the case of the large OBERON 7 C, strategic inner arms.

Corner fillets have become very infrequent in contemporary housings, but at DALI they know that they ensure the strength of the housing. The internal damping materials of the OBERON C enclosure have been selected and strategically placed to maximize midrange energy attenuation without degrading the bass bandwidth so common in other reflex loaded loudspeakers.

OBERON ON-WALL C features dual reflex rear ports, but they are configured to exit in parallel alignment with the rear wall to incorporate the wall and rear panel of the loudspeaker into its operation.

The OBERON ON-WALL C's reflex port is an innovative solution that plays an important role in allowing such a slim loudspeaker to achieve a sound of incredible dimensions.

Pure amplification

The OBERON C's rear panel incorporates a wireless receiver and user interface, DSP equalizer and crossover filter as well as a two-channel, high-efficiency amplifier with an integrated power supply.

The OBERON C amplification features two 50W Class D Closed Loop amplifier modules specifically chosen for their sound quality and dynamic capabilities. One amplifier powers the high frequency driver and the other the bass/mid driver (or the twin drivers in the case of the OBERON 7 C). The amplifier's 100dB signal-to-noise ratio ensures that even the smallest details of a quiet musical passage are reproduced with clarity and precision.

Feeding the amplifier is a custom designed 65W (rms) switched source with very low noise, which is able to split resources between the two amplifier channels on demand.

The OBERON C is, as a result, unusually frugal in terms of power consumption, yet delivers a full and complete dynamic and punchy experience when the music demands it.

Top quality finishes

OBERON C loudspeakers are available in four high-quality finishes, applied as a laminate on the cabinet, and include a fabric grille that is pinned in place, although the use of the grille is entirely optional.

The four OBERON C finishes are Matt White, Light Oak, Dark Walnut and Black Ash. They have been chosen to cover the widest tonal range to fit seamlessly into the most common domestic decors.

At the same time, these colors fit perfectly with the fabric grille and aesthetics of these loudspeakers, reiterating traditional DALI principles that include the sensibility and style of Danish aesthetics.

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  • Frequency response (±3 dB) (Hz): 51 – 26,000
  • Maximum SPL (dB): 107
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz): 2700
  • Full active crossover principle: 24 Bit DSP
  • High-frequency driver: 1 × 29mm soft dome tweeter
  • Low Frequency Driver: 1 × 5.25'
  • Casing type: Bass reflex (Rear ported)
  • Reflex tuning frequency (Hz): 52
  • Amplification power (W): 2 × 50 W
  • Amplification type: Class-D
  • Full wireless input: 24 Bit / 96 kHz (not compressed)
  • Wireless Audio RF Band (MHz): 5150-5250 MHz and 5725-5875 MHz*
  • Universal mains power supply: 100-240 VAC
  • Maximum power consumption (W): 62
  • Standby Consumption (W): 1
  • Consumption in network Standby (W): 1.25
  • Time to enter Network Standby: < 20 minutes
  • Recommended location: Wall
  • Recommended distance from the wall (cm): On-Wall
  • Size (H × W × D)mm: 385 × 245 × 120
  • Weight (kg/lb): 4.9 kg / 10 lbs
  • Included accessories: Quick start guide, network cable, front grill, rubber feet, silicone bumpers, cable clips
  • Finishes: White, Black, Light brown, Dark brown
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