Dali Phantom S180

Recessed speaker. PRICE PER UNIT.
€2.999,00 €2.999,00 per 
In-wall speaker with wood fiber driver.

Dali Phantom S180, the best sound coming out of your walls

The PHANTOM S-180 is a flush-mount speaker that combines an 8" wood fiber driver with a 10" passive fiber radiator and a hybrid rotary tweeter module to deliver clean, coherent, detailed, room-filling sound.

All reduced to a housing that fits virtually any standard wall.

Keys to the Dali Phantom S180

  • Wide dispersion: All DALI loudspeakers are designed for wide dispersion, which means optimized off-axis audio reproduction. This optimizes off-axis audio reproduction and is a perfect technology for in-wall or in-wall installation of loudspeakers.
  • Thin enclosure: One of DALI's goals with the PHANTOM S models was to create high-end in-wall loudspeakers thin enough to offer maximum installation versatility. They succeeded in doing so, making these enclosures only 103mm thick, which makes them fit in most standard walls.
  • SMC technology: the advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) eliminates flux intensity variation in the magnet gap. This minimizes distortion compared to traditional drivers.
  • 10' passive radiator: features a 10" passive bass reflex woofer made of carbon fiber - borrowed from the high-end 'DALI SUB P-10 DSS' subwoofer.
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  • Frequency range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 49 - 25,000
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) [dB]: 89.0
  • Rated impedance [ohm]: 6
  • Maximum SPL [dB]: 109
  • Recommended amplification power W: 40 - 200
  • Filter Crossover Frequencies (Hz): 2,800 / 15,000
  • Hybrid tweeter module, HF driver figure: 1 x 17 x 45mm
  • Hybrid tweeter module, high-frequency driver diaphragm type: ribbon
  • High Frequency Driver Quantity: Textile Soft Dome
  • Low frequency speaker module: 1 x 8'
  • Low Frequency Driver Type: Wood Fiber Cone
  • Quantity of Low Frequency Driver: 1 x 10'
  • Low frequency passive speaker type: carbon fiber cone
  • Enclosure type: closed box with a passive radiator
  • Input connection: simple wiring
  • Recommended location: recessed, central, sound bar
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]: 898 x 453 x 110 mm
  • Recessed 'cutout' dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 865 x 420 x 103 mm
  • Weight [kg]: 18.5
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