Edifier Airpulse A300

High-performance active speakers
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High-end HI-RES active loudspeakers.

Edifier Airpulse A300, the success continues

The Edifier Airpulse A300 is a larger active speaker system than its predecessor A300 and designed to meet the expectations of high quality sound.

These A300s have a retro aesthetic and larger components that provide enough power and energy to fill a more spacious living space. Their excellent performance delivers not only more at lower frequencies, but also higher quality musicality overall.

To complete the experience, the speakers integrate wireless connectivity with aptX codec and Hi-Res Audio logo.

A sound of ten

The Airpulse A300s feature a horn-loaded ribbon tweeter that inherits the mechanism of the brand's flagship monitor.

Its thin aluminum ribbon diaphragm has high sensitivity, excellent transient response and a well-defined frequency range and resolution.

Regarding the mid-woofer, we find a 6.5' unit with a hard anodized aluminum alloy cone suspended in an ultra-rigid and resistant cast magnesium alloy frame.

The speakers feature a massive Underhing motor structure with a high gauss neodymium magnet and a coated aluminum ribbon voice coil. The structure reduces the weight of the driver, allowing the loudspeaker to have a very fast transient response, such as full loss modulation distortion.

Larger voice coils, on the other hand, have less power compression because they operate at a cooler temperature. This is reflected in a more realistic and dynamic representation of the music.

For optimum performance without compromise, the A300 woofer uses a hyper-rigid cast magnesium alloy frame.

Its increased rigidity greatly reduces speaker coloration, and its material helps dissipate heat efficiently from the voice coil much faster than a typical steel speaker frame, which in combination leads to greater dynamics and power handling and ultimately a much more satisfying musical experience.

Ultra-low distortion signal processing and amplification

The Airpulse A300 digital system is built on an XMOS XU216 multi-core signal processor, a powerful 16-core audio processor based on the XMOS xCore200 architect, with a processing power of up to 2000MIPS.

Thanks to this unique parallel structure designed for time-sensitive signal processing such as high sample rate audio.

Complete digital amplifier

The power amplifier is built with 3 pieces of Texas Instrument's TAS5754 Class-D amplifier. The input sample rate support of up to 192 KHz guarantees full digital processing link without any change in signal sample rate.

Its analog interface, on the other hand, uses top-of-the-line components from Texas Instrument. Thanks to its configuration, this chipset operates at 96 kHz and a frequency response of up to 40 KHz.

The SPDIF receiver is PCM9211 also from Texas Instrument, which supports an input sampling rate of 216 KHz. With very low output jitter, the unpacked audio signal can be sent to the XMOS processor without loss.

Enjoy high quality Bluetooth

Qualcomm's Bluetooth 5.0 chipset supports the aptX codec and offers better audio playback quality than traditional Bluetooth on SBC.

The USB audio interface supports the UAC2 audio application. The USB interface of the A300 supports an input sampling rate of up to 192 KHz. This audio application effectively avoids signal degradation and loss of dynamic range due to PC audio DAC and provides a new way of high-definition audio playback.

Take control of your sound

The Edifier Airpulse A300 comes with a wireless remote control that you use to control the sound however you want. Switching between inputs, skipping tracks, or turning the volume up and down are some of the functions you can perform with the included remote.

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  • Horn-loaded ribbon tweeter
  • Digital amplifier with XMOS processor
  • Frequency range: 40 Hz-40 kHz
  • Input mode: AUX, balance input, USB, optical, coaxial, Bluetooth.
  • Main Voltage: 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
  • Mid woofer: 6.5-inch aluminum cone Underhung Design Neo. Mid power speaker
  • Output power: L / R (treble): 10 W + 10 W, L / R (woofer): 70 W + 70 W
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: L / R: ≥90dB (A)
  • Input sensitivity: AUX: 700 ± 50mV Balance: 1150 ± 50mV, USB: 550 ± 50mFFs, Optical: 500 ± 50mFFs Coaxial: 500 ± 50mFFs Bluetooth: 500 ± 50mFFs
  • Dimensions: 225 x 385 x 340 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 24kg
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Valentin Ferrero Merino

Excelente producto y mejor asesoramiento para mi elección, la atención telefónica y por email, impecable.

Valentín Villaverde Bonilla

Buen sonido y buena conectividad. Estoy muy contento con la adquisición

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