FiiO LC-2.5D

Cable 2.5mm
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Premium cable with 2.5mm jack and MMCX connectors

FiiO LC-2.5D, the new 2.5mm generation from FiiO

The FiiO LC-2.5D is FiiO's top-of-the-line cable with 2.5mm balanced connection, made of pure silver for improved conductivity, more strands for increased sound quality, and a perfect fit to the anatomy of the ear.

Devices compatible with the FiiO LC-2.5D are all Hi-Res players with a balanced 2.5mm output, such as the FiiO M9 or the FiiO X3 III.

A silver cable and braided structure

In the new generation of FiiO cables, pure silver is the main material.

Unlike common silver, pure silver favors conductivity and a more faithful transmission of the audio signal.

FiiO LC-Ds feature a Litz braided structure, specifically designed to offer the user greater electrical isolation and minimize possible interference with the skin. The result is a pure audio signal and an improved frequency response only for music lovers.

Increased sound conduction

The strands present in these cables are assembled with Litz wires that are insulated with a DuPont sheath. Their braided structure results in 244 strands that promote conductivity and ultimately better perception and resolution of music.

These cables are coated with special PVC material to keep them protected from pulling and ensure their durability.

Placement over the ear

Following in the wake of its headphones, FiiO conceived its new cables to be placed behind the ear. This design favors a better seal to the ear canal of the headphone and results in more comfort and music scene.

Compatible with most devices

In their three sizes, the new FiiO cables are compatible with most Hi-Res players on the market and especially with those of the brand.

They feature L-shaped jack plugs and MMCX connectors for improved ergonomics and proper use of your headphones.

Connection guide

Balanced 4.4mm connection: common in Hi-Res players such as the FiiO M11, Sony models and others.

Standard 3.5mm connection: most commonly used in smartphones, PCs, and MP3 players.

Balanced 2.5mm connection: many Hi-Res players on the market have a balanced 2.5mm output.

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  • Connection 2.5mm
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Plug type: L
  • Microphone: no
  • Compatible headphones: headphones with MMCX connectors
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