Auricular Hifi over ear
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Open hifi over ear headphone

GRADO GS2000E, Immerse yourself in a high fidelity universe.

The Brooklyn-based company surprises us today with the launch of a new headset within the Prestige series and which becomes the new flagship.

This is the Grade GS2000e headset that, as a special feature compared to the immediately inferior model, the GS1000e, is the combination of two types of wood Time to make the headphone casing and enclosure.

Designed for the most demanding users

The GS2000e features a hybrid wood shell. This hybrid design of the enclosure can only be carried out by a company specialized in wood treatment such as Grado. The external part is made of mahogany, and the internal part is made of maple.

They are completed with a 50 mm driver developed specifically for the Grado GS2000e. This powerful combination of design and experience results in headphones that entail pure musical skill and voices that dance across the frequency spectrum to delight even the most demanding audiophiles and music lovers.

Musical ecstasy

Each component that is part of the Grado GS2000e has been treated with care, such as the new specific 50 mm driver, the 12-conductor cable made of ultra-high purity copper and the pads. Everything works together to enhance the musical experience.

This organic approach is a true process of craftsmanship and the essence of how GRADO is able to connect its users with music.

In search of the perfect resonance, mahogany and maple, two woods historically related to music, come together to compose musical ecstasy. The use of maple energizes the sound of the music so that it is fully transmitted, while the mahogany allows it to open up and reveal the true harmonic structure as the artist imagined and interpreted it.

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Transducer type: Dynamic
Headphone type: Open
Frequency response: 4 - 51,000 hz
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver pairing dB: .05 dB
Packaging accessories: Headphones, Warranty, GRADO history document, 3.5mm mini adapter, cable extender.
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