Active subwoofer
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Active subwoofer closed housing design. 12" woofer.

KEF KUBE12b, active subwoofer with closed design

Discover the hidden depths of sound with KUBE subwoofers. They release explosive power intelligently thanks to iBX technology that dynamically extends the depth of the bass, offering immersive music and the purest home theater sound.

KEF is possibly the only high-end manufacturer that designs, engineers and assembles the driver, enclosure and internal electronic circuitry itself.

This level of integration is the hallmark of their commitment to pure sound, and KUBE remains steadfast in that ideal. What you receive is a driver and amplifier so perfectly tuned that they are in absolute harmony.

Easy setup

His room, his rules. Kube subwoofers offer unmatched configuration flexibility.

It has a variety of line and speaker inputs, phase selection and equalizer settings controlled by three DSPs to help tailor your subwoofer to any location in the room. You take control from the first moment.

Set up the KUBE where it's most convenient, add it to any main speaker or any type of music system, and start exploring new depths in your ideal sound.

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  • Design: Self-powered closed box subwoofer
  • Drivers: 1 x 300 mm (12'')
  • Frequency response: 22 Hz - 140 Hz (+/ -3 dB)
  • Amplifier: Integrated 300 W Class D
  • Maximum output (SPL): 114 dB
  • Variable low-pass filter: 40 Hz - 140 Hz & LTE
  • Low level signal inputs: RCA connector
  • Power requirements: 100 - 240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 410 mm high x 393 mm wide x 410 mm deep
  • Weight: 20.6 kg
  • Finishes: Black
Do you have questions about this or other products in our catalogue? Contact us

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Vicente Woltés

Equilibrado y fácil de configurar

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