Sennheiser RS 2000

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Set of headphones and transmitter for TV.

Sennheiser RS 2000, squeeze the sound out of your TV

If you like to enjoy your favorite series and programs to the fullest, with the Sennheiser RS 2000 you can make the most of their sound and make the most of the experience.

These new Sennheiser headphones offer high-quality wireless sound, a top-notch battery, and a discreet yet intuitive design.

Custom sound

With the Sennheiser RS 2000 you can personalize your listening mode by adjusting the volume of the left and right channels to your liking and thus experience clear, interference-free stereo sound.

Intuitive and autonomous

For its part, the use of the Sennheiser RS 2000 is reduced to its small and light transmitter that connects to the television through the 3.5mm jack connection and has the possibility of being combined with both analog and digital televisions; The headphones in turn connect wirelessly to this charging base whose range reaches up to 50m so you can move without worries.

Added to this magnificent feature is the battery life that offers 9 hours of uninterrupted listening and two charging modes so that your television does not stop playing, to charge the headphones you will only have to insert them into the base and if they are inactive for a certain time, they will turn off automatically.

With this audio system for TV, sound quality and autonomy go hand in hand.

Guaranteed comfort

The Sennheiser RS 2000 ensure the best performance in terms of comfort.

Added to its wireless system is its capacity for breathability and ventilation of the ears during prolonged listening. In addition, the headphones do not exert any type of pressure on the ear, thus making listening completely pleasant.

One more decorative element

Another characteristic of these Sennheiser RS 2000 is its discreet design. Both the transmitter and the headphones will go unnoticed if you place them next to your television and will become another decorative element.

What does the box include?

  • Headphones with integrated rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Docking and charging station
  • Power supply with adapters for Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Australia
  • TV cable connection for audio output on 3.5 mm headphones
  • Instruction manual
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  • Receiver dimensions: approx. 102 cm x 265 cm x 23 cm
  • Frequency response: 15 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Max. sound pressure level: 125 dB (at 1kHzm 1Veff)
  • THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0.5% at 1 kHz, SPL (sound pressure level) 100 dB SPL
  • Contact pressure approx: 0.8N
  • Ear coupling: silicone rubber
  • Female plug/female receptacle power supply: straight / yellow
  • 3.5mm audio: 1x straight 1x angular / blue
  • Power supply cable length: 1.5m - 3.5mm audio 1.5m
  • Weight: receiver: approx. 60g - transmitter: 230g
  • Charging time: up to 3 hours - 30 minutes charging for 2 hours of operation
  • Range/distance: up to 50 m/150 ft
  • Operation energy consumption: type. 1 W - standby: ≤0.5 W (no load)
  • Analog input signal-to-noise ratio: typ. 85 dBA at 1 Vrms
  • RF output power: max. 10 dBm Class 1
  • Operation time: up to 9 hours
  • Power source Receiver: built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery BAP 800, 3.7 V, 350 mAh
  • < li>Transmitter: 5 V, 600 mA
  • Battery specifications: integrated battery BAP 800, 3.7 V, 350 mAh
  • Frequency: 2.4 - 2.48 GHz
  • li>
  • Power: automatic on/off
  • Transducer: dynamic, neodymium magnets
  • Analog input connection: 3.5 mm jack
  • Voltage range input: 0.15 … 4.0 Vpk
  • Latency: <60msec
  • Battery status LED display
  • Maximum number of connected receivers:
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Alejandro Juan Pérez

Van muy bien, pero el alcance es menor del que esperaba

Peter van Zijll de Jong

PeterPerfect service.
Perfect communication
Would buy here again

Dolores Hurtado Torres

Auriculares Estoy realmente encantada con el producto pero mucho más si cabe con el servicio recibido por vuestra parte, ha sido rápido y eficaz al 100%


Sennheiser RS 2000Funciona bien, pero el alcance es muy limitado.

juan pedro

Todo correctoEnvío según las especificaciones y producto bien empaquetado

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