Cayin iDAP-6

Network player
€799,00 €799,00 per 
Desktop network player compatible with iHA-6 and iDAC-6.

Cayin iDAP-6, cultivate your sound system

The Cayin iDAP-6 is a desktop network player, intended as the culmination of Cayin's sound system that starts with the iHA-6, goes through the iDAC-6 and ends with this iDAP-6.

The capabilities and uses of this device are as broad as its ability to support audio formats, its digital connections or the possibility of communicating with networked devices.

The Cayin iDAP-6 is clearly geared towards audiophiles looking to get the most out of their headphones - find out more!

Destined for the future

The Cayin iDAP-6 can perform numerous functions that will be useful for those looking to expand the versatility of their devices.

Initially, this iDAP-6 only works by digital signal, so its inputs and outputs are intended to transport a digital signal to a DAC connected or not.

Via cable, the iDAP-6 is capable of pushing the digital signal through its array of wired digital outputs to any nearby DAC via USB, coaxial and optical.

On the other hand, this network player also supports professional standards such as AES/EBU and is capable of extracting digital audio files from an OTG source for transmission to any amplifier.

100% cable-free

The Cayin iDAP-6 also offers full wireless capabilities thanks to the integration of Bluetooth and compatible applications such as HyBylink, Samba or AirPlay.

Through Bluetooth 4.1, you can connect the iDAP-6 to a mobile phone, tablet or PC and enjoy your favorite tracks in full quality.

Integration with HiByLink, Samba, DLNA or AirPlay allows you to create your own home system with the functionality offered by these advanced applications.

The best connections

In terms of connections, the iDAP-6 has a clean front panel divided into three areas.

First, we find the LED-illuminated power button that is used to return to the home menu. Also on the front panel, there is an SD card slot and an OTG-compatible USB-A female port.

This iDAP-6 also integrates a rotary dial that serves as a navigation tool through the device.

The receiver has a wide range of inputs and outputs where virtually all port types are covered. From digital/optical/coaxial to AES/EBU and BNC connections, including 2 USB and 1 LAN sockets.

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  • Bluetooth: v4.1 with aptX support
  • Power: ≥20W
  • Standby: ≥2W
  • Storage supported: 2.5' HDD (up to 2TB), SD card (up to 256GB), card reader, USB flash drive
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • USB audio output: up to 384kHz/32bit, DoP 128
  • I2S output: up to 384kHz/32bit, DSD256
  • AES/EBU output: output level - 2.0Vp-p, 1.0Vp-p (110Ohms) / Output Impedance - 110 Ohms / supports 192Khz/24bit, DoP64
  • Coaxial output: output level - 1.0Vp-p, 0.5Vp-p (75Ohms) / output impedance - 75 Ohms / supports 192kHz/24bit, DoP64
  • Optical output: supports 176.4kHz/24bit, DoP64
  • Bluetooth: output 44.2kHz/16bit, SCB, aptX / input support up to 44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/16bit, SBC
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