Dali IO-4

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Bluetooth headset with aptX HD and compatible with personal assistants.

Dali IO-4, amazing headphones

The Dali IO-4 are the first Dali headphones to hit the market with a bang.

For starters, we find a closed over-ear design headphones with bluetooth, which reach 60h of battery life -a class-leading autonomy- and an unrivaled listening experience.

If you are looking to discover all that your music can give you, you are in front of a must-have alternative. Get them!

A giant sound

The main claim of these Dali IO-4 is their high quality Bluetooth connectivity, with aptX HD included. Its decoding figures reach 94 kHz/24 bits so your favorite tracks will be covered.

The battery that does not run out

With the Dali IO-4, Dali offers 60 hours of uninterrupted battery life at full performance, above the average of other headphones on the market.

In case the battery runs out, you can use the built-in 3.5mm cable.

Touch controls on the cups

The Dali IO-4s integrate a touch panel to access all the functions your music needs.

Thus, through its controls you can manage aspects such as volume up and down, skip tracks or communicate with the most famous personal assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

Modern aesthetics

The design of the Dali IO-4 pursues a very neat, modern and urban aesthetic in its black or cream finishes.

Its coupling to the ear is total and without pressure on the ear and head, so you will feel that you are not wearing them.

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  • Connectivity: Bluetooth aptX HD wireless and Mini-Jack wired
  • Resolution: 96 kHz / 24 bits
  • Battery: up to 60h
  • Control: integrated touch panel
  • Compatibility: Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa
  • Finishes: black or cream
Do you have questions about this or other products in our catalogue? Contact us

Customer Reviews

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Cesar Pardo Fernandez

Auriculares de altísima calidad. Nada más abrir la caja y cogerlos en la mano te das cuenta de que es un producto de calidad, un diseño excelente y muy robustos. En cuanto al sonido, he de decir que tiene una respuesta muy plana, no decantándose por ninguna gama de frecuencias en general, se oye todo, de hecho al escuchar música con ellos, he descubierto sonidos nuevos que no había escuchado previamente con otros auriculares. Graves presentes sin llegar a ser molestos, medios correctos sin ser excesivos y agudos brillantes sin perder ningún detalle. En general unos auriculares de altísima calidad, tanto en construcción como en calidad de sonido. Con respecto a Zococity, decir que he recibido un trato excelente y un envío muy rápido. Muchas gracias.

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