Dali Kubik One

Barra de Sonido Inalámbrica
€699,00 €799,00 €699,00 per 
Wireless self-powered soundbar with high fidelity sound.

Dali Kubik One, Feel your music, live your movies and ignite the passion for high quality sound.

Having more in common with hi-fi speakers than typical sound bars, the Dali Kubik One sounds great.

The key to detailed, refined and powerful sound are some of its features. Typically reserved for hi-fi stereo speakers, wood-fiber bass cones deliver precise, dynamic sound. Pairing these impressive bass units with similarly performing treble units.

The soft dome structure gives high notes a smooth yet precise sound, making the Dali Kubik One possibly one of the most realistic and natural soundbars in its price range. For a sound bar that not only dramatically improves the sound from your TV, but also delivers first class sound with music, the Dali Kubik One is a first class solution.<

Let me transport you to new levels of quality

Whether you're listening to movies, music, or TV, you'll hear every penny you paid for. The sound of the Dali Kubik One is open and detailed, with powerful dialogue delivered and a deep, punchy bottom line.

Sound is unaffected by silly or over-the-top processing, unnatural trebles - it exposes everything as clearly as possible. The Dali Kubik One makes battle scenes sound loud and full-bodied. Big explosions hit hard and fill the room, revealing the impressive bass range of the woofers.

Get excellent balance across the frequency range. The Dali Kubik One has an immersive, rich tone without going overboard, so you'll be able to listen happily at loud volumes with no problem. The stage acoustics are fine. full of detail, without being too forced, resulting in a natural and immersive sound.

The direct and focused stereo presentation of the Dali Kubik One lets you enjoy the movie without distraction. The power of the unit and the conductors of great dispersion make you feel enveloped.

Powerful Class-D amplifier

With a powerful built-in 100W Class D amplifier, the Dali Kubik One is powerful enough to fill a large room with sound.

With an integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processor) processor, the sound response is ideal for driver setup, crisp dialogue and powerful dynamics required for movie action scenes. If you need more bass, an optional subwoofer can be added via the active subwoofer output.

High Fidelity Wireless Streaming

Simply pair the Dali Kubik One with your Bluetooth enabled device and stream your music library wirelessly.

Connect your PC, laptop or other suitable source and once paired listen to your stored music or use music streaming services like last.fm or Spotify. Using the Bluetooth aptX codec means that the music is available. close to CD quality.

Secured Connection

In addition to Bluetooth, the Dali Kubik One offers a wide range of wired connections for your TV and music sources. With a choice of RCA phono, 3.5mm mini jack, USB (micro) and optical digital inputs. You can connect virtually any TV as well as digital and analog music devices.

Striking Design

From a design point of view, the Dali Kubik One is an absolute marvel. It outperforms even the best soundbars on the market, with a funky, minimalist look with cool curves and an eye-catching color scheme.

As a stand-alone unit without an external subwoofer, it can easily be hung on the wall or placed upright on a TV stand or shelf, fitting neatly into your home. home.

The build quality is sublime. Behind the sleek exterior is extruded aluminum with enough weight and strength to withstand a bomb blast.

The use of aluminum allows for a compact cabinet with thinner walls than traditional materials, but without compromising bass depth or cabinet rigidity. Dark gray aluminum panels open up the bar, with a brushed strip visible at the bottom.

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Product series: KUBIK
Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 48 - 22,000
Maximum SPL [dB]: 2 x 103
Crossover Frequency [Hz]: 3,000
Crossover Principle : DSP based digital IIR, 2. order
High frequency driver, Quantity: 2 x 25 mm
High frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Soft Textile Dome
Low frequency driver, Quantity: 2 x 5.25'
Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Wood Fiber Cone
Enclosure type: Closed Box
Amplifier Type: Fully digital Class D, open loop type
Continuous IEC Power Output [RMS watt]: 4 x 25
Input Impedance [ohms]: 25k
Connection Input: 3.5 mm mini jack, RCA, Optical (Toslink), USB (Micro)
Connection Output: SUB Out
Wireless Input(s): BlueTooth ™ Apt-X
Magnetic Shielding: No
Recommended Placement: Shelf or stand, On-Wall, Center / Soundbar, Bluetooth
Recommended Distance From Wall [cm]: 0 - 30
Functions: IR Learning, Power On/Off, Source Select, Standby (Auto Power) On/Off Switch, Volume, Volume (Gain)
Max. Power Consumption [W]: 150
Standby Power Consumption [W]: <0,5
Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm]: 162 x 980 x 102
Weight [kg]: 9.6
Accessories Included: 3mm Allen Key, Mains Cable (1.5m), Manual, Remote Control, Rubber Bumpers
Optional Accessories: Interchangeable Grilles
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