Dali Rubicon 2 C

Active speakers
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Active bookshelf design loudspeakers.

Dali Rubicon 2 C, best in class active speakers

The RUBICON 2C is the best active loudspeaker system in its class, with the perfect union between compact size and great sonic reproduction.

This stand speaker has an extremely stable wireless connection thanks to its proprietary network.

With two 250 watt Class D amplifiers per speaker, they are so powerful that they guarantee the necessary acoustic pressure even in complex musical passages or the most beastly cinematic explosions.

Zero loss

Focused on zero loss, no latency and easy setup, the wireless connection only needs power to operate at full performance, which means easy setup change and no audio cables to install.

The wireless connection between RUBICON C and the HUB will work even without an active WiFi signal as it is a dedicated connection between the two devices.

Dali SMC magnetic system

With a 100% SMC magnet, surrounded by a split copper bushing and a large ferrite magnet, the SMC effect is focused and enhanced, reducing distortion to unprecedented levels.

Soft dome tweeter

With a clear heritage from our top-of-the-line series, the lightweight dome tweeter offers best-in-class resolution.

Wood fiber cones

Using a wood fiber cone gives the woofer manufactured by DALI a light, rigid and randomly heterogeneous membrane.

Making even piston-like movements simple and greatly reducing the possibility of surface resonance.

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  • Product series: RUBICON C
  • Frequency range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 46 - 26,000
  • Maximum SPL [dB]: 108
  • Filter Crossover Frequencies (Hz): 2,600
  • Crossover filter principle: Hybrid Full Active 24 bit DSP and Passive all analogue
  • High frequency driver, Quantity: 1 x 29mm
  • High frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Textile soft dome
  • Low frequency speaker module: 1 x 6½'
  • Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Wood fiber cone
  • Cabinet Type: Bass Reflex
  • Frequency of use of the Bass Reflex: 51.0
  • Maximum amplification, power output [RMS watt]: 250
  • Amp Type: Discrete Class D (Closed Loop, Self Oscillating), Burr Brown PCM1796 (Balanced output)
  • Input connection: ADC-in (RCA)
  • Wireless inputs: Full 24 Bit / 96 kHz (No bit-loss attenuated)
  • Maximum digital resolution [bits/KHz]: 24 / 96
  • Magnetic Shielding
  • Recommended location: Shelf or stand
  • The recommended distance from the wall cm: 20 - 120
  • Maximum power consumption W: 325
  • Standby Power Consumption [W]: 1.2
  • Maximum speaker dimensions including base and grill (WxHxD) [mm]: 353 x 195 x 335
  • Included Accessories: Manual, Microfiber Cloth, Rubber Feet, Front Grille
  • Weight [kg]: 8.4
  • Input Sensitivity [mV]: 1,400
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Input voltage [Volts]: Universal mains 100 - 240V
  • Finishes: White High Gloss, Black High Gloss or Walnut Veneer
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