Dali Rubicon 8

Floor standing speakers
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Floorstanding speakers of extraordinary performance.

Dali Rubicon 8, the Rubicon reference

The RUBICON 8 is the reference of the range and will bring you a wide soundstage and a deep and impressive bass. The RUBICON 8 has no less than three drivers that are joined together at different frequencies.

This configuration allows for a 2½+½+½+½ way construction and generates a fabulous range as well as impressive sound pressure. The RUBICON 8 is for those looking for something extraordinary in size and sound.

Dali SMC magnetic system

With a 100% SMC magnet, surrounded by a split copper bushing and a large ferrite magnet, the SMC effect is focused and enhanced, reducing distortion to unprecedented levels.

Hybrid tweeter module

The hybrid tweeter is patented by DALI for the RUBICON series built in Denmark.

The hybrid tweeter module combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter for an impressive recreation of high frequencies.

Housing construction

Separating the low frequency and midrange drivers into separate chambers allows us to tune each driver to its specific frequency range to maximize woofer output.

Wood fiber cones

Using a wood fiber cone gives the woofer manufactured by DALI a light, rigid and randomly heterogeneous membrane.

Making even piston-like movements simple and greatly reducing the possibility of surface resonance.

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  • Frequency range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 38 - 34,000
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) [dB]: 90.5
  • Rated impedance [ohm]: 4
  • Maximum SPL [dB]: 112
  • Recommended amplification power W: 40 - 250
  • Crossover frequencies in filter (Hz): 500 / 800 / 2,500 / 14,000
  • Crossover filter principle: 2½ + ½ + ½ way
  • Hybrid tweeter module, super high frequency driver figure: 1 x 17 x 45mm
  • Hybrid tweeter module, super high frequency driver diaphragm type: Ribbon
  • Hybrid tweeter module, HF driver figure: 1 x 29mm
  • Hybrid Tweeter Module, High Frequency Driver Diaphragm Type: Textile Soft Dome
  • Low Frequency Speaker Module: 3 x 6½'
  • Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type: Wood fiber cone
  • Cabinet Type: Bass Reflex
  • Frequency of use of the Bass Reflex: 33.5
  • Input connection: Bi-wired
  • Magnetic Shielding: No
  • Recommended location: Floor
  • The recommended distance from the wall cm: 20 - 180
  • Maximum speaker dimensions including base and grill (WxHxD) [mm]: 1,100 x 220 x 445
  • Included accessories: Manual, Microfiber cloth, Rubber bumpers, M8 Spikes
  • Weight [kg]: 27.3
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