Dali SUB E-12F

Active subwoofer
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220W RMS active subwoofer.

Dali SUB E-12F, a new level in subwoofers

The Dali SUB E-12 is a stylish subwoofer strong enough for most movie and music related tasks. The SUB E-12 F features a 12' woofer, capable of moving a large amount of air with power and precision. The cone is made of pure aluminum for maximum strength.

DALI's subwoofer features a 12' woofer, capable of moving a lot of air with power and precision. The cone is made of pure aluminum for maximum rigidity. In addition, the heavy magnet system exerts enormous pressure with its 4-ply and long-stroke coil.

All in all, the powerful service capabilities of this 'engine' ensure that the woofer will always maintain the signal emitted by the amplifier!

The heart of this 170W RMS subwoofer is the class D amplifier with a very linear response.Emblematic as a classic within DALI is the aim to act as a full extension of the lowest frequencies in your AV system.

The result is a powerful and well-balanced bass reproduction level and seamless integration with the speakers. In addition, the integrated limiter helps protect your subwoofer against overload.

The SUB 12 E-F backplate features controls for adjusting volume, phase and upper cutoff frequency, while the auto on/off function works automatically by detecting the signal.

And with the options of LFE or LINE inputs, this subwoofer easily accompanies any AV set.xemptyzE-12 SUB F is elevated from the floor thanks to an aluminum base, while a downward-facing bass port allows it to be placed directly on the wall. The front grille is mounted by means of magnets - and when they are removed, the changes in visual appearance from discreetly flamboyant as the pure aluminum cone reveal themselves to be surprising!

The DALI SUB-12 F is recommended as a complement to the new Zensor series and is compatible with all DALI loudspeakers as the ideal addition to a DALI set.

Aluminum base

Evoking that the subwoofer floats in the air, the sleek aluminum base lifts the subwoofer off the floor and integrates it into the rooms.

Elegant and simple design

The enclosure is designed to perfectly fit the size of the woofer but without sacrificing the internal volume needed to reproduce powerful bass.

High performance amplifier

All DALI subwoofer amplifiers have the power to deliver high-performance reproduction and even provide extra when needed.

Flexible connectivity

All DALI subwoofers are compatible with almost any amplifier, receiver or processor by choosing between LFE input or cable inputs.

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  • Frequency range (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 28 - 190
  • Maximum SPL [dB]: 112
  • Filter Crossover Frequencies (Hz): 40 - 120
  • Low Frequency Driver Module: 1x12' Long Throw
  • Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type: aluminum polymer
  • Cabinet Type: Bass Reflex
  • Frequency of use of the Bass Reflex: 36.0
  • Maximum amplification, power output [RMS watt]: 220
  • Continuous output power IEC [RMS watt]: 170
  • Input impedance [Ω]: 25k
  • Input Connection: Mono Line Level (LFE)/ RCA /Stereo Line Level (Low Pass Filter)
  • Magnetic shielding: no
  • Recommended location: floor
  • Recommended distance from the wall cm: > 5
  • Functions: crossover frequency / phase switch / standby (Auto power on) On / Off button - Volume (Gain)
  • Maximum power consumption W: 250
  • Maximum speaker dimensions including base and grill (WxHxD) [mm]: 370 x 340 x 380 mm
  • Weight [kg]: 14.7kg
  • Accessories included: manual / rubber bumpers / M6 spikes
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