Edifier S880DB

Active 2.0 loudspeakers
€279,99 €279,99 per 
Active 2.0 speakers with modern design and great sound response.

Edifier S880DB, the beauty of sound

The Edifier S880DB are the first active speakers of the firm with Hi-Res certification thanks to the quality of its sound.

Although there are many qualities of this model, the S880DB's exquisite design, the versatility of its connections and its first-class internal components are worth mentioning - a true luxury!

A different sound

With the S880DB your favorite tracks will sound like never before.

Regarding its internal structure, emphasis should be placed on its unique 19mm titanium laminated tweeter that aims to deliver highly sensitive and optimal resolution; as well as to emit bright and clean high frequencies that culminate the tonal scale.

The Edifier S880DB's bass tones are well protected thanks to the 3.75-inch metal diaphragm bass unit.

Its aluminum frame allows for greater power and virtually zero vibration, resulting in exceptional dynamics and low tones with delicious power.

In addition, they integrate an XMOS digital audio processor to take full advantage of the quality of the USB signal.

The S880DB are active or self-powered speakers, so there is no need for an external stationary amplifier. Simply connect the speakers directly to the sound source and start enjoying the music.

Edifier's first Hi-Res loudspeakers

The Edifier S880DB are the first speakers from the Asian company to be Hi-Res certified by the Japan Audio Society.

The merit of this recognition is none other than its ability to deliver high-resolution audio typical of higher-end speakers and great versatility.

The king of connections

These Edifier S880DB ensure compatibility with any sound source.

On its rear panel you will find RCA, AUX, USB, optical and coaxial inputs. In fact, the latter have a sampling frequency up to 192 kHz, undoubtedly enviable figures.

This allows you to connect the speakers to devices of all kinds such as turntables, PCs, TVs and much more.

Free yourself from cables

As it could not be otherwise, the Edifier S880DB allows you to stream your music wirelessly through its Bluetooth v4.1 connection.

So you can plug in your laptop, tablet, smartphone or Hi-Res player and crank up your playlists. Let the party begin!

Simple controls

The speaker controls are also located on the rear and are notable for their simplicity and straightforwardness.

Through them, you can manage the Edifier S880DB's four bass and treble equalization modes and adjust the volume controls.

As if that were not enough, these speakers integrate a small, round, wireless remote control so you can turn the volume up and down, pause or resume playback, change the audio input or skip tracks without leaving your chair.

A ten design

The design of the Edifier S880DBs is a winner wherever it goes thanks to its sophisticated finish.

The sides are finished in light brown tones that combine perfectly with the white of the front; this chromatic fusion allows the Edifier S880DB to shine in any corner of your living room, bedroom or office.

By design, the S880DBs are classified as bookshelf loudspeakers because their compact dimensions are ideal for any space and location.

All in all, the Edifier S880DBs are a great alternative to dazzle anyone looking for high-performance speakers.

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  • Power: R/L (treble): 12W + 12W / R/L (bass) 32W + 32W
  • Woofer: 3.75"
  • Tweeter: 0.75"
  • Frequency response: 55Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio: R / L ≥85dB(A) - Delta frequency response: ≤1dB - Noise: ≤25dB(A)
  • Input Sensitivity: PC: 800±500mV / AUX: 600±50mV / USB/Optical/Coaxial: 400±50mFFS / Bluetooth:600±50mFFS
  • Inputs: USB, Bluetooth, Optical, Coaxial, PC AUX
  • System: 2.0
  • Type: shelf
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 14 x 17 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 17kg
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Manel Puigcerver Navarro

Muy buenos altavoces relación calidad-precioEstoy gratamente sorprendido con la calidad de sonido de estos altavoces, teniendo en cuenta que cuestan menos de 300€. Su versatilidad de conexiones, incluyendo bluetooth, junto con lo pequeños que son y el diseño que tienen, son perfectos para un salón pequeño como el mío. Dentro de la gama de ~300€ me parecen un producto espectacular!

José Pimenta

demasiado caro? sin sentidoMuy buena calidad. El rendimiento es espectacular dado el precio. Compraría otra vez.


sorprendenteSorprende su calidad de sonido y de los materiales que lo componen. Buena relacion calidad/precio.

Luis Perez Gimenez

ENCUESTA SATISFACCION EDIFIER S880DBEquipo adecuado para escritorio (PC), con múltiples opciones de conectividad, USB, Blue, Aux, etc..
Calidad de sonido acorde con el tamaño del producto y su potencia, más que suficiente para un despacho.
La relación calidad-precio es muy satisfactoria.

Como objeción: Cuando desconectas el S880, se pierde la configuración de la ecualización pre-seleccionada desde el mando (4 clases)


Edifier S880DB, Bonito Diseño, Buena Calidad, Buen Sonido.Unos altavoces muy bien acabados y moderno diseño se aprecia calidad en sus materiales, ideal para lugares de espacio reducido, estanterías o sobre mesa.
Vienen con todos los cables para las diferentes conexiones sin olvidar su conexión bluetooth que los hacen muy versátil, ademas de su original mando a distancia.
En cuanto al sonido, una evidente mejora comparados con mis anteriores Creative T40-II, buena calidad de sonido incluso he notado mayor separación de canales "efecto stéreo".
A priori en mis primeras audiciones un buen sonido en general, armonioso, compacto y un control de volumen muy lineal sin sobresaltos, si quizás he percibido una falta de frecuencias altas que he compensado con su control de agudos.
Totalmente recomendables, buen producto.

Un Saludo

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