Upgraded FiiO BTR3 with balanced output and dual DACs
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Upgraded FiiO BTR3 with balanced 2.5mm output and dual DACs

FiiO BTR3K, a new direction for your music

The FiiO BTR3K joins FiiO's range of bluetooth amplifiers/DACs and receivers with the sole purpose of becoming the perfect companion for your music.

As an update of the BTR3 model, this new model brings with it some improved features such as the integration of a dual DAC or balanced 2.5mm output.

With an unbeatable price-performance ratio, this new FiiO BTR3K is ready to break new ground. It's time to discover it!

Opting for a full-bodied sound

The FiiO BTR3K mounts a high-performance dual DAC model AK4377A that results in unbeatable technical figures for a device of its characteristics.

The output power increases by 50% compared to the BTR3 with 78mW per balanced output and 25mW per 3.5mm output. Thus, the FiiO BTR3K bets on balanced sound proposing a balanced design and carefully selected components so that the sound in both channels is of the purest.

A perfect interior

As usual in this range of devices, this BTR3K integrates a Qualcomm CSR8675 bluetooth chip.

The result is a premium solution designed to deliver the best wireless audio, with 120MHz DSP and support for 24-bit processing. As with the superior FiiO BTR5 model, this bluetooth DAC/Amp features a dual crystal oscillator system so that bluetooth and USB decoding is carried out with maximum precision in the audio signal.

Of course, the BTR3K decodes the most popular high-resolution Bluetooth codecs such as AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD and LDAC. In its Bluetooth 5.0 version, the BTR3K ensures fast pairing and stable signal strength to enhance the user experience.

Don't miss the details

This BTR3K features an RGB light indicator that will tell you in which codec you are playing your favorite tracks.

  • Blue light: SB
  • Cyan light: AAC
  • Luz púrpura: aptX / aptX LL
  • Yellow light: aptX HD
  • White light: LDAC

Your daily companion

The FiiO BTR3K is equipped with omnidirectional microphone and phone controls, as well as Qualcomm's cVc noise-cancelling technology, which is very effective in eliminating external noise so that your calls are reproduced clearly. For volume control, the BTR3K reserves a function that allows you to adjust the volume of the sound source and the BTR3K itself separately, allowing you to adjust the volume to suit your needs.

Thanks to its 'memory', the BTR3K will remember the volume in future operations to make your experience easier.Through this portable DAC/Amp you can connect directly to your favorite voice assistant as it is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, HiAssistant and Bixby.

To ensure your convenience, the device pairs and remembers up to two bluetooth devices at the same time, you can also use it remotely while playing music through the FiiO Music application.

Finally, it should be noted that the FiiO BTR3K adapts to any headphone just by plugging it in. It automatically determines what type of headphones you have connected and adjusts its output accordingly. With CTIA headphones, the microphone and remote control are enabled.

Music for hours

The battery of the BTR3K offers up to 11h for 3.5mm output and about 7h for balanced 2.5mm. With its USB-C you can charge the device in just 1.5h and enjoy as many hours of music as you want.

Captivating design

The design of the BTR3K follows a very sleek and lightweight style. The aluminum alloy body is wrapped in a 2.5D glass arc with an allophobic anti-fingerprint coating and a soft touch. Its light weight makes it a very easy to use DAC/Amp with a handcrafted look.

A must-have in your pocket

Whether with speakers, headphones, in the car or as a DAC, this BTR3K is a must-have in your pocket. With its symmetrical, detachable back clip, you can carry the device and take your music with you wherever you go.

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  • Model: BTR3K
  • Available color: Black
  • Weight: Approximately 23.5 g (incl. battery)
  • Dimensions: Approximately 58 × 25 × 11 mm
  • Audio input: Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth 5.0 compatible)
  • Supported formats: AAC / SBC / aptX / aptX LL / aptX HD / LDAC
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo connector
  • Balanced headphone output: 2.5 mm connector
  • Microphone function: Bluetooth call support, built-in omnidirectional microphone; supports external CTIA cable microphone
  • USB port: Type C
  • Channel balance: ≤0.1 dB
  • Recommended impedance: 16 ~ 100Ω (PO) / 16 ~ 100Ω (BAL)
  • Application interconnection: Supports configuration through the application.
  • Status indicator light: RGB light indicates input Bluetooth audio codec, charging and operating status.
  • Battery life: approx. 11h (3.5mm) / 7h (2.5mm)
  • Charging time: ≤1.5 h (DC 5V 500mA)
  • Display: Yes
  • Battery capacity: 330 mAh
  • Power input: Recommend DC 5V 500mA
  • Output power 3.5mm: about 25mW (32Ω charged) / about 50mW (16Ω charged)
  • Balanced 2.5mm output power: about 78mW (32Ω loaded) / about 40mW (16Ω loaded)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (aptX) connection / 20Hz ~ 40kHz (LDAC) connection.
  • THD+N 3.5mm: < 0.003% (A-weighted LDAC 1kHz)
  • THD+N 2.5mm: < 0.002% (LDAC 1kHz A-weighted)
  • Output impedance 3.5mm: ≤0.3Ω (32Ω loaded)
  • Output Impedance 2.5mm: ≤0.5Ω (32Ω loaded)
  • Noise floor: low power and A-weighted power model PO≤4.5uV BAL≤4.5uV.
  • Amplitude: PO : 0.9V (32Ω / THD + N < 1%) / PO: 0.9V (no load) / BAL: 1.59V (32Ω / THD + N < 1%) / BAL: 1.8V (no load).
  • SNR: PO≥119dB (32Ω A-weighted) / BAL≥122dB (32Ω A-weighted)
  • Crosstalk: PO≥ 73dB (1kHz 32Ω loaded) / PO≥ 114dB (1kHz unloaded) / BAL≥ 108dB (1kHz 32Ω loaded) / BAL≥119dB (1kHz unloaded)
  • Chips used: DAC: AK4377 A * 2, Bluetooth : CSR8675
  • Accessories: USB Type-C charging cable * 1, Quick start guide * 1, Warranty card * 1, Back clip * 1.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julio Francisco Lacomba Boix

Como es habitual, pero hay que decirlo, extraordinaria gestión del pedido y su entrega. En cuanto al FiiO BTR3K estoy encantado por la calidad de sonido, incluso
bluetooth, buena autonomía y conectividad perfecta, más aún por lo contenido del precio.

Juan Martínez Cristóbal

Es un dispositivo bluetooth muy pequeño, práctico, versátil y con buen sonido; muy buena compra.

Maria Teresa

Un DAC muy recomendableTuve antes el BTR3 y ya estaba contenta, pero con este modelo y usando su salida balanceada, el salto de calidad y potencia es impresionante usando formatos de audio sin pérdida. Aunque prefería la pinza metálica del modelo anterior, valió la pena el cambio.

Elena Hontanaya serna

Great product!Before i bought this i owned the BTR3, but the BTR3K is such a big improvement and the best thing of all... it has a balanced output with a lot of power.
Fiio never dissapoints.

José Antonio Amorin Domínguez

Excelente servicio!!!Excelente servicio y rápido, tienda muy recomendable...

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