FiiO SK-M15A

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Leather case for the FiiO M15

FiiO SK-M15A, leather case for FiiO M15

The FiiO SK-M15A is a leather case designed exclusively for the FiiO M15.

Its touch, manufacture and design make it the perfect complement to keep your player safe from bumps or scratches, and give it the best style.

Genuine leather

Each part and layer of the case is carefully designed, thanks to its handcrafted creation process.

With high brightness, excellent elasticity and a uniform build, the SK-M15A provides an exquisite sense of comfort and easy access to the player's touch screen.

Perfect design

Following the classic column model of the FiiO M15, the SK-M15A is topped with slanted cut-out grilles at the rear.

The luxurious cowhide of the first layer, combined with the rest of the elements, creates a new trend without losing elegance.

A holster put to the test

To better dissipate heat, the case adopts stainless steel material for its rear grids, which contributes to a tough and durable effect with excellent thermal behavior.

Protect your M15

Its all-in-one design is intended to protect the DAP 'in all directions'.

Its magnetic suction lock for the volume knob and all other elements make the SK-M15A a practical and convenient accessory to use.

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  • Compatible with FiiO M15
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Juan Luis Mena Romero

lo mejor de los top de gama en este tipo de ReproductoresEl sonido es contundente, claro, espaciado y lo mejor que he escuchado, moverte pos sus directorios y apps es rapido y facil, quieres estar a lo máximo, este Fiio m15, lo es.

Santiago Rincon Clavero

Funda Fiio M15Zoco city fenomenal, la funda no esta mal pero para lo que cuesta esperaba más calidad. Es solo decente y no merece lo que cuesta

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