Open design on-ear headphones
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Open design on-ear headphones with fast response and high dynamics.

GRADO SR125x, fast response and unique finish

The GRADO SR125x are a unique headphone that uses fast transient response to keep you up to date with the music you play, while also offering an affordable price ratio.

The difference with respect to the entry range is the integration of an 8-conductor cable, and its new redesigned driver systems to obtain the best sound quality.

Listen to all the nuances

The clarity and range of GRADO headphones can reveal new notes and details in songs heard hundreds of times.

Its driver and housing work together and react to sound vibrations, virtually eliminating transient distortions.

With harmonious colors, full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and a world-renowned midrange, the SR125x produce a sound that is pure GRADO.

New drivers

GRADO's 4th generation drivers are present in the SR125x.

Tuned specifically for the SR125x, this new driver design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, with a voice coil with decreased effective mass and a reconfigured diaphragm.

The reengineering of these components improves the 44mm drivers to obtain better efficiency, reduce distortion and preserve the harmonic integrity of the music.

Redesigned cables and headband

The cables and headband have been redesigned for the SR125x.

Now housed in a more durable exterior, the 8-conductor cable transfers more information and features a copper wire, intended to improve the purity of the audio signal.

For its part, the new headband has more cushion for a more comfortable experience.


Each SR125x is handcrafted by the GRADO team in Brooklyn. Since 1953, the American firm has been bringing the best of its engineering, straight to your ears.

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  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: open design
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 hz
  • SPL 1 mW: 99.8 dB
  • Nominal impedance: 38 ohms
  • Driver Matched dB: .1 dB
Do you have questions about this or other products in our catalogue? Contact us

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Joaquin Bel Pallares

La satisfacción es superior a la de la última vez, ya que adquirí un artículo reacindicionado y la descripción del estado no era muy precisa.
Solo pongo 4 estrellas por los problemas de la agencia de transporte, agradezco que los portes sean gratis, pero CorreosExpress es un desastre, todo el día esperando alguien en casa por si pasaban y a las 7 de la tarde actualizan la página web que pasarían otro día. Quizás podrían dar la opción de elegir otra agencia más seria pagando un poco más.

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