Hifiman HE400i 2020

Planar headphones
€119,99 €199,00 €119,99 per 
The new version of the HE400i with redesigned headband.

Hifiman HE400i 2020, sound in motion

The Hifiman HE400i 2020 is the renewal of one of the most acclaimed models of the Asian firm.

New features include a redesigned, lightweight, adjustable headband with a cooler, more comfortable look for long listening sessions.

The HE400i drivers are maintained in this 2020 version, meeting expectations and offering the best response both at home and in the studio.

More efficient

These Hifiman HE400i 2020 increase their efficiency represented in figures.

They increase its sensitivity by 93dB and culminate with an impedance of 35 Ohms so you can use your portable AMP/DAC, Hi-Res player, and even your home devices such as your tablet or smartphone.

Its planar-magnetic design is retained, resulting in the most detailed and expansive soundstage. Thanks to its internal structure, you can express the nuances of your favorite songs as the artist intended during recording.

Audiophile sound

The HE400i 2020's key player is its sound, which outshines most headphones on the market in the same range.

With a diaphragm that allows high signal input and flexible tone control, the response time and transition between frequencies is lightened.

The magnetic force is evenly distributed throughout the headphone for low distortion and faithful sound reproduction.

Built to last

The HE400i is 30% lighter than other planar-magnetic headphones, so you can use it for hours at a time.

Made of ABS polymer and in a glossy charcoal finish, these headphones are designed to keep up with the times.

Its velvet ear cushions and adjustable headband will give you the comfort you need to take your listening to the peak of the best sound.

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  • Impedance: 35 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-35kHz
  • Longitud del cable: 1.5m
  • Connector: 3.5mm/6.5mm
  • Weight: 370g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jesus Morant López

Valen cada € que he pagado por él, es más son baratos para la calidad de sonido que transmiten. Con una buena amplificación suenan muy bien, separan los instrumentos y dan una presencia de medios agudos y bajos muy equilibrada en toda la escucha.

Vicente Balbastre Juan

Envió rápido
El mejor precio

Jesús Alcoberro

Excelentes auriculares con un sonido equilibrado y detallado con una gran relación calidad-precio. Eso sí, necesitan una buena amplficación para brillar.

José Caridade

Os Hifiman HE 400I 2020 são uns headphones fantásticos. Têm um som preciso, natural, com graves muito interessantes. São muito confortáveis, podemos usá-los durante horas de audição. Realmente valem muito mais do que o valor que paguei. Recomendo vivamente.

Félix Martín

El paquete llogó rapido y de forma segura; cómo siempre, un placer adquirir caprichos en zococity, calidad y atención profesional asegurada. En cuanto a los auriculares.... ¿a qué esperas? no lo vas a lamentar; eso si, un telefono no mueve esto, yo lo uso en el FiiO m11 con cable balanceaodo y hight gain y se nota que Hifiman HE400i 2020 tiene muuuuucho más que dar. son alucinantes, para serr una gama media.

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