Rega Planar 1

Hi-fi turntable.
€299,00 €349,00 €299,00 per 
Turntable with motor.

Rega Planar 1, enjoy all your vinyls to the fullest

The new Rega Planar 1 is the most user-friendly turntable Rega has made to date. With the new components used by the brand and its new RB110 arm, the Planar 1 can be easily assembled in seconds after being unpacked.

Simply by sliding the counterweight to balance it on the back of the arm and removing the stylus protection you can start playing your favorite vinyls.

Performance beyond its price

All components of the Rega Planar 1 have been meticulously designed to maximize performance.

For the first time the Planar 1 features a motor that runs at 24V, low noise and synchronously to reduce vibration transfers, combined with the new RB110 arm paired with Rega roller bearings. , handmade and with practically zero friction.

Only sharing the drive belt, sub platter and dust cover with the discontinued RP1, we find ourselves looking at a new and very promising turntable.

If you are looking to enjoy your vinyls again and want spectacular performance that will last a lifetime, you needn't look any further.


  • Arm: New RB110 arm design with handmade bearings by the brand with almost zero friction and great performance. Its assembly is completely Plug & Play by the user thanks to its automatic bias and integrated arm. New, more rigid and ergonomic capsule holder to improve its appearance and usability.
  • Cartridge: Carbon cartridge included and mounted as standard.
  • 24V synchronous motor: The first rega turntable to use a 24V, synchronous motor with new PCB and aluminum pulley, offering low noise and more stable rotation speed. li>
  • Base: New thermostable base with a glossy laminate finish, greatly improved in its appearance and with an On/Off switch ergonomically positioned at the bottom. Two base finishes available, gloss black and gloss white.
  • Center Bearing System: Specifically designed brass bearing provides a perfect fit and eliminates stress on the bearing itself, all while minimizing potential energy transfer .
  • Plate: New 23mm, phenolic and higher mass plate with an improved flywheel effect to achieve a more stable speed.
  • Redesigned feet: New and improved feet that increase stability and reduce vibration transfer.
  • Protective tray for the engine with integrated cooling.
  • New counterweight 'Plug & Play' of 111g.
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Technical specifications

  • Hand-assembled RB110 tone arm
  • Factory installed carbon moving magnet cartridge
  • 24V low noise motor
  • Plato: Phenolic resin tray
  • Dimensions (lid closed) (W x H x D): 447 x 117 x 360 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kilograms
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ricardo Garcia

Maravilloso, un sonido por encima de su precio.

Guillermo Luis Alvarez Leal

Todo perfectoEl producto me parece genial en relación calidad precio. El servicio ha sido correcto en todo momento.



Julio Saurí Tamarit

Rega planar I. Es lo que anuncian que esEs lo que yo buscaba. Un tocadiscos básico, sin ningún automatismo, y de gran calidad. Silencioso y muy bien equilibrado.

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