Sonos AMP

Versatile amplifier
€799,00 €799,00 per 
125 watt per channel amplifier and versatile in use.

Sonos AMP, enhance your entertainment

The new Sonos AMP is a most versatile amplifier, designed with the aim of enhancing everything that has to do with your favorite entertainment and music.

This special amplifier offers the user 125 watts per channel, and serves to give life to your most demanding passive speakers.

On the other hand, the AMP is capable of streaming with the Sonos app itself and with Apple's AirPlay system; In addition, you can connect it with your TV to create a definitive and proper entertainment system.

In short, the Sonos AMP comes to revolutionize the sound universe, with a lasting philosophy and the ability to improve over time.

More power and a world of possibilities

The Sonos AMP delivers 125 watts per channel for high-fidelity sound, even with the most demanding speakers. It doesn't matter if they are floor-standing, bookshelf or center channel, the Sonos AMP can handle all the devices that come its way and gives you hours and hours of musical enjoyment.

For connection, several ports located on the back of the AMP are used, with which you can keep the cables organized and carry out a very simple installation.

The threaded connections, intended for the left and right channel, have a standard diameter so you can remove them and use your own banana connectors.

Combine it with your team

This Sonos AMP allows you to expand your equipment and connect it to all the devices in your home.

To start, it integrates an optical adapter for older TVs, so you can use any standard HDMI and said adapter to connect the Amp to the optical audio output of your television, if it does not have a port HDMI ARC.

However, with HDMI ARC you can add stereo or surround sound to your TV to enjoy your series, movies or video games.

On the other hand, the Sonos AMP can also be combined with a turntable or music system and make the most of the qualities of your vinyl, CDs and audio files saved on your external devices, as well as playing on streaming.

You decide how to control it

Controlling the Sonos AMP is as intuitive as its use and installation.

You can use the Sonos app itself, use iOS AirPlay with your iPhone or iPad, or the app from your favorite music streaming service.

outdoor music

If you have an outdoor speaker system, with the Sonos Amp it is possible to expand its possibilities and increase your sound system from the home to the garden.

A clean and minimalist design

With this Sonos AMP, the prestigious firm commits to a clean and minimalist design, with an elegant black finish.

With a square structure and compact dimensions, the AMP avoids large electronic sets and focuses on offering the user a most aesthetic device that can be combined with any speaker system and corner of the home.

In short, if you want to take your sound in a new direction, the Sonos AMP is your best option.

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  • Watts per channel: 125 watts at 8 ohms
  • Digital input: HDMI ARC and optical (optical adapter required)
  • Analog line input: RCA
  • Subwoofer output: yes
  • Shelf-mountable: yes
  • AirPlay 2: yes
  • Dimensions: 64 × 217 × 217 mm
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
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