Sonos One

Multiroom speaker
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Multiroom speaker with Wi-Fi connection and voice control.

Sonos One, intelligence at the service of music

Sonos continues its commitment to multi-room sound and launches its new speaker Sonos One, the most intelligent device to date and which brings new functionalities to the sound horizon.

Its main novelty is the integration of voice control that adheres to high-level sound and a pristine design. Hit play!

Authentic and effective sound

The Sonos One has an internal construction that advocates transmitting high-quality sound in a very compact size.

This multi-room speaker is made up of two class D digital amplifiers that combine perfectly with the aesthetics conveyed by the brand.

In this Sonos One, the frequencies remain balanced and with maximum detail. On the one hand we have a speaker especially dedicated to the treble that is transmitted clear and bright without being sibilant. On the other hand, we find a speakers intended for the mids and bass where we will hear the deepest details of the voices and the amount of nuances of the low frequencies represented in the bass and sub-bass of our favorite songs.

As if that were not enough, the company provides the user with an equalizer to personalize listening and adjust the frequencies. In addition, an array of six microphones make up this Sonos One that prevent echo.

Moisture resistant

The Sonos One is designed to resist humidity and be used in environments such as the bathroom, kitchen or outdoor patios without worrying that the device may be damaged.

To make it work you will only need a connection and Wi-Fi and a power outlet.

Lots of streaming music

With Sonos One you can access 38 streaming music services for all tastes.

From the best known like Spotify or Apple Music to more specific services like Tidal for Hi-Res lovers, Tribe of Noise for companies with royalty-free music or Classical Archives for classical music fans. In short, endless services available to very few.

Future voice control

The great innovation of this multi-room speaker is the integration of voice control by the user that will become effective with the joint launch of Sonos and the regional voice service.

Thanks to voice control you can manage your music and handle aspects such as volume or track skipping. You will only need your voice and a smartphone to download the official Sonos app.

Create your own sound system at home

Sonos One is compatible with the rest of Sonos speakers so you can combine this device with a SUB to improve bass response or a Playbase and Playbar to get the most out of the audio on your television.

If you are thinking of creating your own stereo system, all you have to do is combine two Sonos Ones and enjoy outstanding sound.

Tactile and intuitive

In addition to voice control, the Sonos One has a series of touch controls at your fingertips. Through them you can increase the volume, slide to change songs or mute the microphone to preserve the privacy of your conversations.

With its LED indicator, you can know if the microphone is activated or deactivated and keep your conversations away from any prying ears.

With the Sonos App you won't have to worry about managing your speakers since its distinguished and simple interface will allow you to explore the ins and outs of your device in a detailed and fun way.

It's Wi-Fi time

With Sonos One, Bluetooth is history since its Wi-Fi connection allows you to play streaming at maximum speed and without interruptions or cuts.

On the other hand, the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port will help you correct problems with the router and offer internet access to non-wireless devices configured with the Boost system.

will go unnoticed

Its design remains in line with the Sonos multiroom range: compact size and maximum elegance.

Available in black and white finishes, the Sonos One becomes your most special decorative element. And if you can't find room on your shelf or countertop, you can use its accessories to mount it on the wall, ceiling or on a speaker stand.

What is in the box?

Sonos One, power cable, flat Ethernet cable, Sonos One quick start guide, and legal/warranty information.

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Two perfectly tuned class D digital amplifiers allow full integration with the speakers and acoustic architecture.

A tweeter creates a clear, crisp high-frequency response.

A midrange speaker ensures the most faithful reproduction of mid-vocal frequencies with deep bass packed with nuances.

Adjustable bass and treble controls let you customize the sound for one or multiple rooms.

An array of six long-range microphones used for advanced beamforming and echo avoidance.

Physical dimensions

to the. × w. × pr: 161.45 × 119.7 × 119.7mm

Weight: 1.85kg

Power and networking

Self-switching universal input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.

10/100 Mbps Ethernet port

Connect your Sonos device to your home Wi-Fi network with any 802.11b/g router with 2.4 GHz streaming capabilities.

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