Topping A90

Headphone amplifier
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Headphone amplifier with XLR connections.

Topping A90, the protagonist of your music

The Topping A90 is a compact device with exceptional performance, and a real coup in the headphone amplifier market.

With a SINAD of up to 123dB (as measured by Audio Science Review) on its balanced output and an incredibly low distortion rate of 0.000086%, the A90 considerably exceeds the limits of what is generally offered by the most advanced home audio devices.

Symmetric and asymmetric connectivity

The Topping A90 has a balanced stereo input on a 3-pole XLR connector on the rear, as well as an unbalanced stereo input on an RCA connector.

It offers a balanced (XLR) / unbalanced (RCA) output for its preamplifier output.

Dedicated headphone output connectors are located on the front panel. There are all the connections needed to easily connect headphones / IEMs with various features and requirements: one balanced output on a 4-pole XLR connector, a second balanced output on a 4.4 mm TRRS jack connector.

The balanced headphone outputs are capable of delivering 250mW power and have an output impedance of 0.135 Ω.

Finally, there is an asymmetrical output on a 6.35 mm jack connector with an output power of 125 mW.

Volume control, source/output selection

The A90 headphone preamplifier/amplifier offers volume control accessible via a rotary knob directly accessible from the front of the A90.

On its front side, there are also three selectors that allow you to easily control all the functions of the device to immediately find the desired configuration.

A first selector is responsible for selecting the output type and switching between preamplifier mode and headphone amplifier mode. These two modes cannot be active simultaneously. This selector is also used to turn off the device.

A second bipolar selector acts as a source selector and allows the user to choose between balanced and unbalanced input. It is therefore possible to connect two separate devices to each of these inputs and use the A90 as a source selector.

The last selector controls the gain with three possible levels (low gain / medium gain / high gain) to obtain the best performance according to your sources and the type of headphones used.

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General specifications

  • Type: Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier
  • Inputs: Three-pole XLR balanced stereo / unbalanced stereo RCA
  • Outputs: balanced stereo: 3-pole XLR / unbalanced RCA balanced stereo / 4-pole XLR balanced / TRRS 4.4mm balanced jack / 6.35mm unbalanced jack
  • Power supply: Integrated network cable (SMPS) supplied
  • Output impedance: 0.135Ω (balanced)
  • Color: Black and silver
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joaquin Ecija Ferrero

Un amplificador de auriculares de referencia. Está todo dicho. Lo recomiendo

FAT Future Architecture Thinking

Obrigado Sergio pela tua ajuda e pela excelente comunicação.

Francisco José

Excelente relación calidad precio.Excelente relación calidad precio. Gran calidad acústica combinado con D90 MQA.
Desde el punto de vista estético francamente bien he adquirido ambos en color negro. Se ve excelente construcción y acabados. Tamaño muy contenido.
Excelente el servicio de asesoramiento de Zococity. Amabilidad y calidad de sus opiniones y consejos.

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